Baling twine, also called baler twine or binder twines, is small size sisal or synthetic yarn used to bind a certain amount of non-woven or synthetic material into a smaller and more comfortable to stack and compact form. Tensile strength of single-ply baling twines ranges from 325psi to 95psi. The standard form of baling twine is made from the synthetic fibres and is known as baling wire. For more information about baling twine, browse here.


Baling wire has been used in sewing for a long time. It was used by seamstresses to hold down the materials when sewing a quilt top. With the use of the new techniques of fibre weaving, it became possible to produce a large and flat fabric and make the sewn seams even flatter. Thus, it was possible to make a garment much more attractive and comfortable.

Baling Twines are used in different industries. Bedding manufacturers commonly use baling wire in their stitching machines. Bedding fabrics are usually not very smooth to move and can be a bit stiff. By using the baling wire to hold the fabrics in place, it reduces the chances of any air movement between the fabrics while stitching.

Aside from the many different purposes, the baling wire is also used in making different items that we would typically think of as “bedding”, such as comforters and duvets. A comforter made of a thin layer of baling twine can be folded into a smaller size to fit easily into a crib, for instance, and the edges of the comforter are stitched up so that they are tightly glued together.

Baler twine can be used in decorating the interior as well. Baling twines can be twisted into any pattern to create a decorative border that can be used on the inside of curtains, throws and other items used in a bedroom. Browse here for more information about baling twine.

Today, there is a wide array of patterns to choose from when it comes to creating baling wire. The most common use of baling wire is in the construction of beds, but even in the living room, a baling wire border can make any space look more decorative and comfortable.

Baling twines are also popular with home decorators. Many people love the fact that it is both cheap and easy to make. All you need is a needle, a small amount of fabric, and some basting twine wire and you can create your bedding.

Several different types of fabric can be used to create the pattern you wish. Most people prefer the look of the soft wool type. Browse here for high-quality baling twine.