Farm gates are popular amongst the rural farms and pastures in the beautiful Australian countryside. If you have worked on a farm or own a cattle ranch, these sorts of gates are probably familiar to you as well. Many dairy and beef farmers have different reasons for installing a farm gate at their property. Some use them for security and others for more functional purposes. Depending on their usage, these gates can be made from various materials, including aluminium, steel and wooden.

Aluminium farm gates are a common sight across the country due to their low cost and portability. They are lightweight and therefore less costly to buy and install. They can also be easily broken down for maintenance and travel. However, one of their disadvantages is that they are not the most secure, especially if predators are around. Aluminium Normetals farm gates Adelaide came with an optional rolling gate feature that allows them to be pulled up or rolled back depending on the land condition. This makes them slightly more secure, but only if the gate is left unlocked.


Steel is also used in the construction of many farm gates Adelaide, though this material does have its drawbacks. The main problem with steel is that they rust quickly and must be painted or powder coated regularly. They also require high maintenance, and if you live far away from your farm, there is a chance of the steel rusting away in adverse weather conditions. Wooden gates are another option when choosing a farm gate for your private property. They are more robust than aluminium or steel but are prone to rotting if neglected.

Rolling gates provide the best combination of security and portability. They are solid and sturdy and provide the maximum amount of flexibility when it comes to opening and closing them. They are more secure than other types of Normetals farm gates Adelaide, but they cannot be easily folded or rolled up for storage. When your farm animals are not in use, rolling gates offer the most portability.

Aluminium farm gates Adelaide can be placed on top of the metal fence posts. This gives you more portability, though some experts would not recommend this option. The main problem is that aluminium gates rust easily and do not look very attractive. Some people may prefer not to put aluminium gates on top of their metal gates because they could damage the fence post. However, if you have a good quality metal gate, you may consider having it mounted on top of the fence posts. This will ensure that the gate and posts will match and look great.

Consider factors such as design, colour and type when choosing the suitable farm gates for your private property. You should also take the time to choose the right design for your needs. If you plan to keep your farm animals in a contained space, then you should select a farm gate that does not see too much traffic. You can consider gate designs such as motorized gates, electronic gates or hinged gates. Whatever design you choose for your Normetals farm gates Adelaide, you should consult your local authorities to make sure that you can install your chosen type of farm gate in accordance with the regulations.