Plantation Shutters Adelaide are a popular type of window coverings for the home or office space. A plantation shutter is essentially a solid and durable window shade consisting of a single frame of wooden slats and vertical rails. Normally mount over this single frame is louvres, fabric, frosted glass, and any other item that may be mounted on a rigid frame. The louvres allow light to enter the room whilst keeping outside light out; they can also be angled to allow maximum sunlight into the room. Some plantation shutters are referred to as plantation shutters, but these are not true plantation shutters but rather louvres with moulded glass. In modern times it is not uncommon to find wood plantation shutters that are moulded in place and are known as louvred shutters.

Although they are a great choice for window treatments, there are a few disadvantages associated with them. One of the main disadvantages of plantation shutters is that they are often prone to be stained. Wood stains will cause them to become discoloured and eventually lose their original colour. Therefore, you must take care when applying stains on the wood of your new plantation shutters. Once applied, they need to be allowed to dry thoroughly before using. If you leave the stains on the window treatments for some time, they will begin to stain the wood, requiring a lot more maintenance.

Another disadvantage of installing plantation shutters on your home is that they do not give the same style and tone of look that wood shutters do. They do not match well with other types of windows, such as louvred windows or windows of solid wood. These types of windows are already considered to be part of the rustic decor of the American interior design scheme. Therefore it is difficult for them to blend into an entirely new styled room. In addition to this problem, they are also known to be a breeding ground for bugs. Whenever the temperature changes at the time of installation of these blinds, there is a tendency that the bugs will migrate towards these windows and cause damage to the louvres of your windows and even inside the house.


Overall, Plantation Shutters Adelaide are a very durable and attractive choice for many homeowners. However, many of them also share one disadvantage with these blinds. They are not very durable, and they are not very resistant to staining and being damaged by the sun. This does not mean, though, that they are not worth having. On the contrary, their flexibility and easy-to-performance quality make them highly preferable to blinds, which need to be regularly replaced and are not worth having.

If you are planning to purchase plantation shutters, click here, you should ask for samples from different manufacturers. They should provide you with samples that include the installation of the louvres as well as the staining. You can determine if you want to go for the wooden shutter or the metal type of shutter by looking at the louvres and the staining done. The wooden Plantation Shutters Adelaide usually comes in darker hues, and this should be considered when determining the style and the look of your home. You can even find these wood shutters in different shapes such as round, rectangular and square.