How can you store silage effectively and still have it remain fresh for an entire year? That a simple use of Ambraco Silage Wrap Silage. It is a unique, durable reflective film that stretches and adheres around bulkier bales, making an airtight tension seal on all sides that virtually eliminating spoilage and quickly reduces internal heat build-up inside the bale. It does not mar the exterior of the product. It is transparent, made from the finest non-toxic vinyl with no fumes or toxins.

Silage PlasticThe production of Silage Plastic has been in the United States since the early 1990s. American farmers were happy to know that a product that helped save them money on fertilizers and other chemicals would make their work easier in the fields. The popularity went beyond the American market. European farmers also started to take notice and started to import their quantities. They found that the material had several advantages over traditional plastic, such as durability, economic viability and environmental friendliness.

In America and Europe, farmers saw immediate benefits by the time the plastic had hit the markets. The savings they and their industries received helped to increase farming and revenue. Silage manufacturing became a major industry, with more countries importing it to meet their agricultural needs. The demand for the product worldwide has since risen, and the quality of plastic on a global scale has been upped.

Silage wrap has several advantages over traditional storage options. It is less messy and much easier to manage and maintain. Traditional bags and bins tend to attract rodents, insects and other vermin, which are an immediate risk if you are trying to cultivate food. Plastic is easy to clean up and poses a little environmental risk because it doesn’t degrade like traditional materials. For these reasons, farmers who grow crops using this method see it as being safer for both animals and crops.

The material is ideal for agricultural plastics waste recycling because it is so easy to work with. If the material is properly disposed of using a silage wrap manufacturing system, you can easily clear the bales off a field. It makes it very efficient at recycling and helps the environment; visit for more info.

As a result of the widespread use of silage wrap for agro-based storage, it has become much more competitive when compared to baled storage alternatives. Many farmers growing fruits and vegetables meant to be consumed right away find it difficult to clear enough bales off their forage fields to meet their production quota. By using a clear wrap, this becomes much easier. In many cases, it takes just a single roll to clear an entire field.