Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or TAE40116 is a program for individuals looking to obtain their certificate or diploma at an accredited training institute. In the certificate, one will learn about the different areas of training. This program also gives an overview of the assessment processes and tools. After completing this program, one will be able to know about the different career choices after graduation.

TAE40116The course structure of Certificate IV in training and assessment is broken into four units. Unit One of the course structure addresses basic learning experiences and prepares the learner for interacting with others in a formal setting such as workplace, class or conference. The next two units address adult language, reading and writing skills. The last two units deal with the professional aptitude and prepare the learner to enter the job world.

Unit Two of the course structure addresses the preparation needed for training and certification. The first four units cover competencies, knowledge and understanding skills. As per the TAE40116 course, competency refers to the ability to deliver training in specified areas. Knowledge and understanding skills are required to assess the learner’s understanding and to create an environment that will be conducive for learning. The final four units cover professional aptitude, skills and knowledge to deliver training that meets the needs of employers.

The assessor will also help the trainers to design the course curriculum, deliver training and assess the learner’s progress. A summary of the assessment results is provided at the end of the course to the instructor. Some of the assessment tools used in training may include multiple regression analysis, time series analysis, meta-analysis, and non-parametric statistics. The assessor will use the results of these tools to formulate a valid developmental plan.

Unit Four of the certificate IV qualification process delivers the last qualification needed to get a real job. This final unit focuses on skills and knowledge to promote occupational awareness in people and facilitate their transition from informal to formal training and certification. In the final examination, the trainer will grade the learners and grade them accordingly.

It is necessary to take up this qualification within six months of prior learning to meet the competency standard. If one fails to do so, then the entire course does not count, and no certificate or license will be awarded. The certificate is valid for one year. The TAE40116 certification can be renewed upon successful completion of the course by the learners. The renewal certificate validates all assessments from prior learning and one year of experience as well.