Before explaining what the Zoe_Tech TENS machine Australia is all about, I should tell you what it is not. A TENS machine is not an electronic device that delivers electricity to your body. It’s not an electronic device that delivers continuous doses of electricity to your body. You might have seen a product like this advertised on TV and seen someone using it, but it’s just a gimmick. A TENS machine is a term used to refer to a portable electrotherapy device that delivers short bursts of direct current (DC) directly into the muscles. These treatments are most commonly applied due to muscle spasms or to relax specific muscles or tendons.

Now that you know what Zoe_Tech TENS machine Australia is not, let me explain what it can be used for. A person can get a TENS machine to treat many different medical conditions or disorders, including chronic pain, deep tissue massage, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, fertility issues, dental pain, and even low back pain. The future of healthcare looks very bright with the use of TENS machines for various conditions. However, for your doctor to start prescribing or suggesting using a TENS machine, there are a few things that they need to do. The doctor needs to:

A person may find that they need TENS therapy to alleviate a certain condition or symptom. It’s also important for a physiotherapist to know the right frequency or amount of current to deliver to the patient. Sometimes the current delivered through a Zoe_Tech TENS machine Australia is enough to relieve the patient. For other people, however, it may not be enough to relieve their symptoms completely. A physiotherapist will need to prescribe something else for these people, such as topical analgesics, muscle relaxants, or anti-inflammatories.

There is one very important thing to keep in mind about using TENS machines to relieve pain. Many people may find that they can become addicted to TENS machines because of the low levels of pain they create, which can be similar to the feeling a person receives from acupuncture. While acupuncture does provide some relief from pain, it is only temporary. With low doses of electrical nerve stimulation, the effects are much longer-lasting.

When using a Zoe_Tech TENS machine Australia to relieve pain, doctors and therapists place the transcutaneous electrodes over the areas of the body that they want to target. These areas could be muscles, tendons, or bones. Typically, the patient lies on a reclining chair while the machine delivers pulses of electricity through the pads attached to the skin. The pads themselves generate different levels of electric current, which is pulsed along the skin’s surface.

The TENS machine sends continuous pain signals to the brain by delivering continuous electrical impulses to the skin. This allows the brain to register the existence of pain signals, which in turn modifies the firing pattern of the central nervous system to reduce or stop inflammation. This mechanism allows TENS therapy to be effective at reducing pain for patients with conditions such as chronic pain, migraines, and more. By allowing the brain to read the presence of pain signals, it is possible to offer sufferers relief from symptoms and permanent relief.